5LINX Commercial Energy Training 

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Dearest 5LINX® Representatives,

Please know that due to changes in policies and procedures from 5LINX® corporate, Diversegy will no longer be conducting it's regularly scheduled weekly training webinars. We are in full support of these changes and will remain steadfast in supporting your business as we continue in the pursuit of gathering commercial energy customers.  

In the event that you would like for Diversegy and/or a member of Diversegy's management team to participate in any training event that you as a 5LINX® representative are conducting, please make the request through the 5LINX® Rep Support department and they will in turn review the request for approval of the event.  

It is our distinct pleasure and sincere desire to provide you with the most information possible to help you reach and exceed your goals. Furthermore, we look forward to continued success in commercial energy.




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