Partnering with Diversegy is like having your own in-house energy manager.

We work closely with you to manage, control, monitor and reduce your energy costs. We also help you sustain your savings by building a tailor-made procurement strategy that is mindful of market conditions, satisfies your energy appetite and minimizes your organization’s exposure to risk.

Diversegy allegiance in the buying process rests solely with the customer. This assures impartiality, enabling us to represent and provide the most competitive recommendations for all types and sizes of client including municipalities, commercial, industrial, faith-based and affinity groups.

We start by securing the right price, then we add value by giving you the optimal level of support to manage your energy needs year round. Diversegy is going to be the company to connect all the dots on every level. With advisory services in procurement, conservation, renewables, regulatory, legal, finance, and several other areas of energy, working with Diversegy offers much more than your annual RFP/RFQ process. 

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