One of the world’s largest collectors of human blood plasma, Blood Plasma Centers, was approached by Diversegy to help consolidate and lower their energy costs, and to identify and implement strategies to reduce their carbon footprint. With a business model that calls for highly-controlled cold storage, each of Blood Plasma Centers’ locations use an exceptional amount of electricity. Further adding to the challenge, this particular client had aggressive expansion plans with a view to opening up several more facilities over the course of the next 24 months. This needed to be factored into their energy agreement.


After analyzing their portfolio, it was determined that Blood Plasma Centers was using multiple energy service providers; each with differing products and rate structures. Utilizing our relationships, Diversegy was able to aggregate all of the locations and map out the expected load of the to-be-completed facilities, with one supplier per state, and one rate structure across all utilities, for all locations. In addition, Diversegy was able to negotiate as well as add and delete language in Blood Plasma Centers’ contracts to simplify the addition of new facilities over the course of the contract.


Diversegy was able to provide Blood Plasma Centers with substantial savings of more than 47%; totaling almost $460,000 over a 36 month agreement. Phase two of this process will include an evaluation of the client’s natural gas trends, as well as the implementation of an LED lighting solution. These measures, in addition to various power factor correction solutions, will result in an additional reduction of the client’s overall energy consumption and increase direct and indirect cost savings to the client’s bottom line.