Since the advent of smart meters, utilities have gained access to valuable data — your electricity consumption patterns and history — and left you in the dark. They have been using your information this whole time to offer you products that make you think you are saving you money, when all along, they’ve only made themselves smarter how to market themselves to us – by charging you more when you need it the most (i.e. peak-demand times)!

Enter smarter meters. Consumers nationwide now have access and full transparency into their electricity in real-time, just like the utilities do, and can manage, react and respond to spikes and surges in real-time, just like the utilities do. Imagine having real-time insight into your facilities’ energy usage – knowing when it’s most optimal to run machinery in order to maximize efficiency, or being able to see the impact of running heating and cooling equipment at a few degrees higher or lower throughout a workday or shifting your production hours when electricity prices are low. What if you had the ability to reduce, flatten or shift your demand based on actual consumption data?

A Live Diversegy Smarter Meter In Action

  • Blue line represents live data, actual consumption of electricity used at this premise
  • Red line represents the highest usage of electricity during the day, and is stated as ‘Today’s Peak’ in the chart to the right of the graph
  • Green line represents the highest usage of electricity during the month, and is stated as ‘This Month’s Peak’’ in the chart.  The Month Peak usage is what the utilities use to determine the “Peak Demand Charges” portion of your electricity bill.

Diversegy Demand Management (DDM) is the perfect tool that puts that insight literally at your fingertips. Monitor demand and be empowered to change the pattern or scheduling of that electricity in the immediate term, translating small shifts into real bottom-line improvements. The data is easy to glean, and our experts will work with you every step of the way – helping you to become your own energy expert.

Best of all, ours is a solution that can be deployed nationwide, even if your state or local utility is not deregulated. For customers that qualify, we are confident that our DDM solution has the potential to pay for itself in record time. Investing in a Diversegy Smarter Meter is one of the smartest things you could do to save money – we offer other money saving options too. Contact us to request more information regarding the Diversegy Smarter Meter today!

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