Executive Leadership

Alex Rodriguez

Chairman & CEO

Mr. Alex Rodriguez has most recently served as Chairman of North American Utility Partners ("NAUP"). Before founding the NAUP, Mr. Rodriguez was the Founder and Managing Director of Operations at Stream Energy. Stream Energy was one of the fastest growing startup entities in US business history and reached the $850 million revenue mark in its fourth year of operations. In 2003, Mr. Rodriguez served as Vice President of Marketing at Utility Choice Electric. Earlier, in 2001, Mr. Rodriguez co-founded two energy brokerage firms that generated over $600 million in electricity and/or natural gas commercial contracts.

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Johnny Webb

Vice President of Marketing & Creativity

Mr. Webb is a seasoned sales professional having held several senior top sales positions at various Fortune 500 telecommunications companies. Prior to joining Diversegy, Mr. Webb was Owner and CEO of Equator International Group, a consulting firm specializing in renewable energy, telecommunications and debt solutions. He was also Founder and CEO of The A-List Entertainment Group, an international event productions company collaborating events for celebrities, professional athletes, and musicians.

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Cesar Garcia

President & CFO

Mr. Garcia is co-founder of DH Tire, a commercial tire services company. Today, they serve several hundred commercial, industrial and construction contracts. In 2001, Mr. Garcia was a seed investor in one of the first deregulated energy marketing firms in Texas; it went on to sell 75MW its first year. Then in 2003, he co-founded an international freight logistics company, Precision Air Cargo ("PAC"), with his wife. PAC is responsible for moving millions of kilograms of freight in 4 continents across the world. Most recently, Mr. Garcia has been actively involved in the deregulated energy industry through a firm he co-founded, SYNRG Marketing Solutions, LLC, where he implemented sales channels and brokered electricity for thousands of residential and commercial customers.

Sam Khavari

Vice President of Strategy & Planning

Most recently, Mr. Khavari was Vice President of Operations for Simply 2.0 Communications where he was charged with overseeing customer service, billing, provisioning, and strategic planning. Previous to that, Mr. Khavari joined Stream Energy in 2005 as a member of the startup team and helped it surpass the $850 million annual revenue mark in its fourth year. Mr. Khavari held progressively higher leadership roles while at Stream Energy, culminating in his position as Director of Business Strategy & Planning. Mr. Khavari holds a BA in Business Administration from Austin College.

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Nick Gallagher

Vice President of Business Development

Mr. Gallagher is a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales. In 2000, he co-founded Powerscourt Capital Partners, a niche investment-management company focusing on private equity with several successful transactions in information technology, software, and telecom companies. Since 2004, Mr. Gallagher has been involved in various real-estate transactions in Eastern Europe, United Kingdom, and managing several private equity investments in the United States.