Q. What does the right “energy product” mean and why should business operators and stakeholders take notice?

A. Energy deregulation occurs on a state-by-state basis. Therefore, market rules and protocols vary. Moreover, geography and logistics of supply play a role in short and long-term energy prices. Add to this mix, all of the other various drivers, both domestic and foreign, that impact wholesale energy prices over the long-term. All of these are factors that should be taken into consideration when determining what type of energy product to buy. Our clients know very well that this line of thinking delivers more that an annual RFP process ever could.

Q. What does “energy manager” mean?

A. Energy procurement as defined above is only the beginning. Because we are not a regulated utility, a licensed ESCO or REP, we have the flexibility, and of course the know-how, to move and interact throughout the entire supply chain. We can bring together elements such as renewable generation, lighting, wholesale procurement, auditing, demand response and/or other sustainability goals. We have found that clients are eager and hungry to implement these types of solutions. However, they need an advocate like Diversegy on their side, connecting all of the respective dots.

Q. We have our own procurement department, what can you do differently?

A. Generally, procurement departments are instructed to purchase at the cheapest possible price (rightfully so). However, in the world of energy procurement, going with the cheapest option today may be counterproductive. Shortsighted decision-making can set you up for a 30% increase next year, completely blowing away any savings that you had in the previous year and putting you at complete market risk during the next year. Secondly, procurement departments are charged with purchasing everything for a company. Since energy is typically within the top 3 highest operating expenses for all businesses, we believe that they should have professional and proven representation – we are that representation. By no means are we meant to replace the procurement department. Instead our aim is to become the procurement department’s best ally in regard to all things energy.

Q. What if I have multiple locations throughout the US?

A. This actually makes you the perfect client for Diversegy. You need a firm with a national scope and expertise across all aspects. You could look to become an energy expert. However, you’re better off remaining the expert in whatever field your business is already in. Because deregulation happens on a state-by-state basis, it is impossible for a company that may be headquartered in California (pick a state) to know the ins and outs of energy procurement drivers and opportunities in say a market like Maryland or Florida, where you may have 50 locations.

Q. How can our company become engaged with Diversegy?

A. Our process is simple to get started. We begin with a simple no-obligation analysis. If you like the results of our analysis and the manner in which we do business, then we can engage. If not, then we simply move on. We believe that once you see how we at Diversegy think and operate, we will win your favor. Also, much like in real-estate wherein the seller pays the broker his/her fees, we make the utility companies compete for your business, according to our recommended terms and conditions, and then they pay our respective broker fee.

Q: How are Diversegy’s fees paid?

A: Following the commencement of services Diversegy’s fees are paid by means of a brokerage commission payable directly from the successful supplier. Our services are totally free to the customer.