One of the nation’s largest family entertainment and restaurant chains, consisting of several hundred locations nationwide, turned to Diversegy to assist with managing their energy expenses. This client is a publicly traded company and the biggest challenge they posed was that Diversegy’s product solution had to align with all of their corporate and industry guidelines.


Given the diversity of the client’s real estate portfolio, Diversegy suggested they start with California as the pilot market, to demonstrate Diversegy’s capabilities. The client initially challenged this approach, but ultimately agreed and went forward with our suggestions. Unbeknown to the client, they had choice options in California. Drawing their attention to this fact further validated Diversegy’s value proposition and service offering. After an initial review of all the California locations, Diversegy recommended focusing on 2 of the 4 utilities: SoCal Edison and PG&E. Diversegy negotiated terms and conditions that met all of the client’s corporate requirements. Divers

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egy then aggregated all of the locations within each utility with one supplier – one supplier for PG&E and one for SoCal Edison. This allowed for a significant reduction of the administrative burden.


The analysis initially showed an ROI of 3 to 5 months from the date of contract execution. Once the contract went into effect, the results were 2 months earlier than forecasted. The client was extremely pleased with the outcome of partnering with Diversegy to handle their energy needs.