Welcome to Diversegy.com, your gateway to reduced energy costs today and optimal energy strategy for the future.

In today’s complex deregulated energy market, a lack of strategy can lead to extremely costly energy decisions – especially if, like most companies, energy is your second or third highest operating cost – and your competitors secured a better deal than you did! Regardless of the industry you’re in, or the size or complexity of your business operation, you need representation in the energy buying process. Persistent price volatility can seriously erode your bottom line and your competitive edge. Energy is a controllable expenditure and you need a flexible buying strategy. That’s where Diversegy comes in.

As an impartial energy broker, Diversegy represents your interests, not the supplier. In order to secure a significant cost advantage, we have vetted more than 30 energy suppliers nationwide.  We routinely sift through numerous product options and a variety of terms to match you with the energy supplier that best meets your needs and your price point. This service is provided without cost or obligation. 

Our expert industry analysts will perform an analysis to identify  your usage patterns, checks for hidden fees or overcharges, compares the price you are paying against competitors and, where applicable, make recommendations for you to switch.