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Being Publicly-Traded Has Its Perks.

Our secure financial backing provides stability and allows our sales partners to enjoy security.

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Partnering with the Right Broker Makes All the Difference.

Interested in becoming an energy broker? Maybe you want to advance your current energy broker career? It is imperative to partner with a stable brokerage firm so that you can have security when growing your business. Diversegy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of publicly-traded Genie Energy, offering an unprecedented opportunity for energy sales professionals. Learn more below…

About Diversegy’s parent company.2022-03-04T16:40:33-05:00

Genie Energy, a publicly-traded company on the New York Stock Exchange, is Diversegy’s parent company. Genie Energy also owns seven other retail energy suppliers, as well as a commercial solar development company. With over $300 million in annual revenues, Genie provides Diversegy with the financial backing and security to grow its operations and support its sales partners. Genie Energy currently serves over 400,000 energy customers globally.

Why being publicly-traded matters.2022-03-04T16:40:45-05:00

As an energy sales professional, you must be able to rely on your energy broker for your livelihood. As you develop your book of customers, it is imperative to partner with a broker whom you trust to be on time and accurate with your commission payments. Many times, brokers who default on sales commissions due so because of their financial illiquidity. As a publicly-traded energy company, our sales partners can view our financial statements and have the confidence knowing their commissions are backed by a financially-sound organization.

Fringe benefits of working with a public company.2022-03-04T16:40:55-05:00

In addition to the financial security Diversegy provides to its sales partners, there are many other fringe benefits to working with a public company:

  • Upfront commission payments
  • Advances on future commissions
  • Seed money to grow your business

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Being Publicly-Traded
Has Its Perks.

Parent Company

Genie Energy.

Diversegy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of publicly-traded, Genie Energy (NYSE:GNE). Genie Energy provides commercial and industrial brokerage, commercial solar consultative services, design, supply and installation and community solar marketing services. Besides Diversegy, Genie owns and operates several retail energy suppliers, including IDT Energy, Inc., Residents Energy, LLC , Town Square Energy, LLC, Southern Federal Power, and Mirabito Natural Gas. Genie also owns suppliers in the United Kingdom and Japan. Genie currently serves over 400,000 customers and generates over $300 million in annual revenue.

Financially Stable

Your Business
Is Secure.

Partnering with the wrong energy broker could have detrimental impacts to your long-term stability as an energy sales professional. Dealing with erroneous payments, inaccurate reporting, and having to worry about your next commission check can distract you from growing your business.

Diversegy’s sales partners get to enjoy the financial stability that comes with being publicly-traded. Not only do we have a different standard of accountability to our public shareholders, our financials are public and viewable on Genie Energy’s website. This level of transparency allows our partners to rest assured knowing their customers and commissions are secure. In the 3rd quarter of 2021, Genie Energy reported over $113 million in revenue with a $15 million adjusted EBITA.

Supplier Network

With All Suppliers.

Because our prowess as a retail energy conglomerate with seven retail energy supply companies, a solar company, and a brokerage company, we have the industry relationships to give you a “leg-up” in the marketplace. Our sales partners enjoy access to our supplier relationships and are able to obtain pricing from all of the nation’s top retail energy providers. Never lose a deal again over not having access to the right supplier pricing. Being a Diversegy energy sales partner certainly has its perks!

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