Diversegy’s Retail Energy Suppliers.

Retail Energy Suppliers

Retail suppliers, also known as third-party energy providers, purchase electricity and natural gas in the wholesale markets and resell it to end-use consumers. In most deregulated states retail suppliers work with energy brokers to contract customers and drive sales efforts. Some suppliers like Constellation and NRG are large and also own electricity generation facilities. Other suppliers are simply involved in the reselling of electricity and natural gas and do not own their own generation.

Diversegy’s Suppliers

In an effort to provide the best pricing opportunities to our customers, Diversegy has relationships with the nation’s top retail energy suppliers. Since each supplier has different pricing in each market, we work with a vast amount of energy providers so that we can always deliver the lowest energy rates. Here is a list of some of the energy suppliers with who we work. Are you a supplier interested in partnering with Diversegy? Contact us today to learn about our supplier onboarding process.

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