What We Offer Our Energy Partners.

As both a direct client advisor and broker support platform, Diversegy offers an array of energy services to our partners and customers. We specialize in electricity and natural gas solutions including third-party energy supply, supplier contract negotiation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. We also offer these services and more to our network of brokers and energy sales professionals so they can better serve their customers. Read more about our services below:


Are you a licensed broker looking to expand your business?

  • Access to national licensing

  • Pricing from 60+ suppliers

  • Access to upfront cash

Value For Energy Brokers.

Some might imagine that partnering with another brokerage firm as a licensed broker is not ideal. On the contrary, we offer our licensed broker partners lots of value when growing their businesses. Smaller brokers are having tougher times executing contracts with large energy suppliers, and many times are forced to take commissions on a monthly-residual basis. As a publicly-traded company, we offer our brokers access to all suppliers, all deregulated markets, and can even help fund growth through upfront and advanced commission payments. 

The Ideal Home For Agents.

As an energy broker professional, there are certain things that are of utmost importance to you. Foremost, obtaining competitive price quotes for your customers is critical to retention and growth. In addition, having a reliable broker who will pay you consistently and accurately is important for your peace of mind. At Diversegy, we pride ourselves on our world-class agent program. In fact, our agents get access to all deregulated markets, the most competitive supplier pricing for their customers, and we even offer upfront commission payment arrangements. 


Are you a Sales Agent looking for a stable broker partner?

  • On-time, reliable commissions

  • Transparent percentage of margin

  • World-class pricing desk


Trying to reduce electricity or natural gas costs at your business?

  • Access to low-cost electricity

  • Access to low-cost natural gas

  • World-class energy price management

First Class Energy Solutions.

If you are a commercial, industrial, or governmental organization interested in controlling energy costs or becoming more environmentally friendly, our team of energy experts has a solution for you. We specialize in the electric power and natural gas market segments and offer an array of services from energy commodity supply to LED lighting solutions to commercial solar installations. Each building consumes energy in a different way and must be evaluated on an individual basis. Our team of experts can help you roadmap your energy goals and develop a plan for success. 

Grow Your Team.

Direct sales organizations are extremely competent at recruiting, training, and getting their sales representative to perform. In fact, we find that many residential energy direct sales organizations have the discipline and attitude to become very successful in the commercial world. As a licensed broker in all deregulated markets, we can bring a new dimension to your sales team through a commercial division. We do not restrict our sales partners to selling for a single supplier either. On the contrary, our direct sales partners have the opportunity to offer multiple quotes to their customers and earn upfront commission payments. 

Sales Orgs

Interested in establishing a commercial energy division for your team? 

  • Scalable enrollment process

  • Access to upfront cash

  • Payments on energy usage


Looking to add new income streams to your organization?

  • Value add to your network

  • Alternative fundraising method

  • Recurring residual income

A New Way to Fundraise.

Whether you are a business, non-profit organization, youth sporting group, charity, or another type of organization, fundraising is always a challenge. And, picking up the phone to cold call potential donors is never a fun task. Offering commercial energy services to the members of your organization or to your customers is a great way to earn extra income. In fact, many of our affiliate partners are simply businesses that have a trusted customer base. Offering our energy services to your customers not only saves them money but also allows you to build a residual income stream.

Energy Supply Solutions.

If your business or facility is located in a deregulated energy market, you have the opportunity to save tremendously on your electricity or natural gas supply. In fact, many of our customers experience savings compared to the local utility price to compare. In addition, deregulation gives you the opportunity to plan your budget many years into the future by locking in a fixed rate for energy supply. Whether you are a large factory looking to reduce natural gas costs, or a chain of hotels needing to pay less for electricity, we can help you find the lowest energy supply rates in the market.


Trying to find the right electricity supply structure for your usage?

  • Fixed-rate energy supply products

  • Market-based rates

  • Hybrid, block + index products


Looking for ways to reduce energy consumption at your business?

  • LED Lighting

  • Demand Response

  • Solar & Renewables

Reduce Your Footprint.

Many organizations are looking for ways to become more energy-efficient, reduce their carbon footprint, and support the environment. Knowing where and how to begin is a challenging process. In fact, if you are not careful, you can overspend on energy efficiency projects and negatively impact your bottom line. At Diversegy, we are experts at vetting and providing cost-effective energy efficiency solutions that save you money while you “go green”. We offer an array of solutions from lighting retrofits to demand response. Talk with us today about what it might take to become more sustainable. 

Stop Overpaying.

Did you know that according to a recent study, over 80% of commercial, industrial, and municipal organizations are overbilled by utility providers? We know it might sound alarming, but utility bills are complex and calculations change frequently. Staying up to date on the latest tariff schedules is a full-time job and many CFOs of large organizations simply do not have the unique expertise to identify utility bill errors. Not only will our team audit your bills to ensure accuracy, but we will also lobby the utility company on your behalf to issues refunds for billing overages. 


Looking for ways to reduce energy consumption at your business?

  • Utility refunds

  • Error correction

  • Ongoing monitoring

The Value We Deliver to Our Sales Partners and Customers.

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