Great question! Your local utility company is responsible for delivering energy (electricity and/or natural gas) to your business. In many states, they are also responsible for billing and supplying you with energy if you choose not to contract with a supplier.

A supplier is an alternative option to your utility company from whom you can purchase electricity and/or natural gas supply in an effort to save money. Diversegy is a nationally recognized broker of energy and helps its customers find the lowest-cost energy suppliers.

Choosing a new energy supplier for your business should follow a well-thought plan. At Diversegy, we have decades of experience guiding our customers in choosing the best energy suppliers and rates for their businesses. Picking a supplier typically follows a process like this…

  • Submit a copy of your utility bill(s) to us
  • Give us permission to shop for supplier rates on your behalf
  • We will negotiate with over 60 energy suppliers to find you the best price
  • We will present those price options to you
  • When you’re ready to sign, we will negotiate and prepare your contract with the supplier

No. Everything will remain the same. Utility companies are bound by law to provide equal service to all of their customers regardless of a cutomer’s electricity or natural gas supply.

No. Switching to an energy supplier is free of any hidden fees. Both the supplier and Diversegy earn income from the profits related to the sale of the energy, but we do not charge any additional fees to our customers.

For many years, energy brokers and sales professionals were forced to transact business manually. They called and emailed suppliers for price quotes, manually reconciled commission statements, and had to work diligently to keep up with sales administrative paperwork. Diversegy’s energy sales platform solves these problems for energy sales professionals through technology and efficiency. We provide energy professionals the tools to streamline their businesses, eliminate paperwork, get paid upfront, and obtain price quotes on the fly so they can scale their businesses.

While our full-service energy sales platform has many attractive features, we believe the following are the key highlights of the program:

  • Supplier relationships: We provide our partners with instant access to the nation’s leading energy suppliers.
  • Upfront commissions: Our partners benefit from getting paid quickly and upfront on their energy deals.
  • Transparency: Through our software, we provide full transparency on pricing, margins, customer usage, and commissions.
  • Access to markets: We offer our partners instant access to start selling all deregulated markets.

We work with a number of energy sales professionals, including sales agents, sales teams, part-time affiliates, and other licensed energy brokers. Diversegy’s full-service energy sales platform provides value to each of these groups in a unique way.

Diversegy is a nationally licensed and recognized broker of electricity and natural gas. With decades of experience, our management team can provide you with the support you need to grow your book of business. Click here to see the benefits we offer to professional sales agents.

Diversegy, with an administrative team of over 100 years combined retail energy experience, will help you scale your business by acting as a true energy partner, and outsourced back office operations team. Acquiring new energy customers is hard enough. Being responsible for handling all administrative tasks is a quick way to slow down your growth. Our sales partners enjoy the opportunity to focus on what they do best – customer interactions and sales. Our team handles the rest, so you don’t  have to worry about the small details.

Diversegy’s proprietary software platform, ELIAS, automatically calculates sales commissions based on your customers’ utility account numbers, usage, and margins to generate accurate commission statements and payments. Since you get tagged to your deals when they are submitted, each month as your customers use energy you are automatically compensated based on the contract margin and your sales commission amount. ELIAS ensures accuracy in commission reporting and helps to eliminate errors.

Our system is also able to identify supplier reporting errors, so that we can fix them quickly on your behalf. Here are some of the elements on the supplier commission report that are checked on your behalf as a Diversegy sales partner:

  • Margin: our system ensures that the margin being paid is accurate and equal to the original commission confirmation
  • Utility Accounts: our system ensures that you are paid on all utility accounts contained on a contract
  • Energy Usage Variances: our system checks for unusual and underreported energy usage volumes

Through our proprietary software program, ELIAS, our sales partners get full visibility into their deals. They are able to see customers, contracts, account numbers, energy usage data, and contract margins. This visibility supports a transparent broker-sales partner relationship and gives you control over your commission payments.

We pride ourselves on offering our sales partners an error-free guarantee. While we are confident your commission statements will be accurate, errors do occur from time to time. If you happen to find an error or have a question about your commissions, our support team is readily available to issue a quick correction or offer help in understanding your statement.

Genie Energy, a publicly-traded company on the New York Stock Exchange, is Diversegy’s parent company. Genie Energy also owns seven other retail energy suppliers, as well as a commercial solar development company. With over $300 million in annual revenues, Genie provides Diversegy with the financial backing and security to grow its operations and support its sales partners. Genie Energy currently serves over 400,000 energy customers globally.

As an energy sales professional, you must be able to rely on your energy broker for your livelihood. As you develop your book of customers, it is imperative to partner with a broker whom you trust to be on time and accurate with your commission payments. Many times, brokers default on sales commissions due so because of their financial illiquidity. As a publicly-traded energy company, our sales partners can view our financial statements and have confidence knowing their commissions are backed by a financially-sound organization.

In addition to the financial security Diversegy provides to its sales partners, there are many other fringe benefits to working with a public company:

  • Upfront commission payments
  • Advances on future commissions
  • Seed money to grow your business

With publicly-traded Genie Energy, as our parent company, Diversegy is in a unique position to support our partners and their customers. Our support staff has deep industry knowledge of both the wholesale and retail markets, as well as all the operational details that matter most, from both a Supplier and Broker perspective. This unique combination allows us to offer an unprecedented opportunity to our energy sales partners. Not only do we offer a robust technology platform giving our partners access to all deregulated markets, and the nation’s top suppliers, but we also lend guidance, advice, and administrative support to help you close deals and grow your business.

Our energy support team has over 100 years of combined experience in the retail and wholesale energy markets.

Have you ever worked hard to close an energy contract to later learn that your margin was lower? Or even worse, maybe the contract was rejected by the supplier and you had to relay the bad news to your customer? Did you come across a large opportunity and need help winning the account? Diversegy’s world-class back office team offers the support you need to succeed. We can help you…

  • structure complex block + index hedge products for large customers
  • negotiate special contract language with suppliers
  • advise you and your customers on the best times to lock-in a price based on market data
  • and more…

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