Energy Advisory Services.

Diversegy offers effective energy solutions to our commercial and industrial customers that not only have a history of beating marketing prices, but also help our clients achieve their overall energy goals. Whether you are simply looking to properly time the market when signing your next energy supply contract or you are looking to become more efficient at your facility, we have a tailored service right for you. Read about some of the energy services we offer to our customers below:


  • Fixed-rate energy supply products

  • Market-based rates

  • Hybrid, block + index products

Power Supply Solutions.

If your business or facility is located in a deregulated electricity market, then you have the option to shop for power supply on the free-trading market. Many businesses take advantage of deregulated markets to better control costs and lock prices for certain periods. If you are planning a budget or simply looking to reduce expenses, hedging a fixed position in the electricity futures market should be your focus. Our staff has decades of experience in both the wholesale and retail electricity markets and can help guide you through your options. 

Gas Advisory Services.

U.S. natural gas markets are becoming more and more volatile with increased foreign demand and constraints on domestic production. With these new factors affecting prices, U.S. gas is quickly becoming a worldwide traded commodity like oil. Furthermore, since much of U.S. power generation is reliant on natural gas, these markets have an overreaching effect across the energy industry. Our team of natural gas advisors has the market knowledge to guide you on when and how to structure your natural gas supply agreement to maximize savings. 

Natural Gas

  • Fixed-rate energy supply products

  • Market-based rates

  • Hybrid, block + index products


  • LED Lighting

  • Demand Response

  • Solar & Renewables

Demand-Side Services.

As technology continues to exponentially grow, it has had an everlasting effect on the energy sector. Renewable power generation costs have significantly decreased over the last decade, and new energy-efficient technology allows consumers to reduce usage and their carbon footprint. Corporations concerned with their environmental impact are turning to energy efficiency technologies to reduce power consumption and become more sustainable. At Diversegy, we offer an array of efficiency and renewable solutions. Talk to us today to explore your options. 

Pin Point Accuracy.

Did you know according to a recent study, over 80% of commercial, industrial, and governmental entities are overbilled regularly by utility companies? Utility bills are complex and calculated using complicated tariffs schedules. Many times, commercial businesses can qualify for less expensive rate schedules and simply are not aware of their options. Other times, businesses experience errors on their utility bills from meter reading inaccuracies, misclassifications, and other tax events. Our team of audit experts can help ensure that your bills are accurate and can even get you refunds for overbillings.  

Utility Audits

  • Historical audits

  • Sales tax audits

  • Contingency-based fees

About Us.

Diversegy, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Genie Energy (NYSE: GNE), is one of the nation’s leading energy brokerage firms. Through our strategic industry relationships, we are able to offer low-cost energy supply and other energy solutions to our customers and partners. Diversegy is one of the nation’s leading retail energy brokerage firms. Serving thousands of customers across all deregulated U.S. markets, Diversegy acts as both a direct client advisor and a broker exchange platform. Diversegy and the Genie Energy family of companies currently serve over 442,000 customers, representing over 558,000 electricity and natural gas meters. Our group of energy companies collectively represents over $280 million dollars of annual revenue. With over 60 retail energy supplier relationships, Diversegy is positioned for growth. We are proud to work with the following retail energy suppliers:

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