Apartment Complex.

The client was exposed to market volatility, floating on a variable rate plan for their electricity supply. Diversegy delivered the following results…

  • Full refund for two months of overbillings

  • $190,000 in annual savings

  • $270,000 in terms savings

Close Up of a Bank Sign on a Building


A regional bank noticed unusually high utility expenses after completing an acquisition. The bank hired Diversegy to investigate. Here were the results…

  • 20% reduction in energy rates

  • Successful aggregation across multiple utility zones

  • $100,000 in annual savings


A Pennsylvania hotel’s operating expenses were increasing each year, and the utility bills were the culprit. After analyzing the situation, Diversegy delivered…

  • $0.019/kWh rate reduction

  • $25,000 in savings

  • Freed up capital for other projects


Commercial Office.

Commercial office developer was looking for ways to reduce utility costs per SQFT at his newly acquired office buildings. Diversegy was able to deliver the following results…

  • Reduction is energy cost per SQFT

  • 15% reduction in supply costs

  • $60,000 in term savings

We are trusted by some of the nation’s leading brands:

Exceptional Energy Broker Resources.

Access to Cash

We provide easy access to upfront commission payments and cash, so you can grow your business!

Transparent Reporting

We deliver transparent commission reporting, so you can rest assured you’re being paid correctly.

Supplier Network

Through our robust network of retail energy suppliers, we provide you with the ability to price with 60+ suppliers.

Robust Technology

Our technology platforms make getting pricing, enrolling customers, and tracking commissions a breeze!

National Licensing

Holding licenses in all deregulated U.S. states, you instantly get access to over 60+ utility markets.

Low-Cost Power

Through our supplier relationships, we deliver the lowest power prices to our customers.

Natural Gas Savings

Our team has the industry knowledge to help you navigate the complex gas markets to find savings.

Custom Advisory

We offer our customers a unique approach to managing energy costs through custom-tailored advisory.

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