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Power Generation

Electricity is generated through coal, nuclear, natural gas, wind, solar and other generation sources.

Transmission Grid

High-powered transmissions lines (“the grid”) carry electricity from the power plant to the local utilities.

Utilities & Suppliers

Utility companies and electric suppliers purchase power from the wholesale markets and resell it to end-users.


Electricity is then delivered and purchased by end-users for use in factories, restaurants, gyms, and homes.


Electricity Supply Products.

Every business uses electricity differently. A manufacturing plant running three shifts has a different electricity load shape than a restaurant that closes at 11 PM. Understanding the various electricity supply products available and matching the right product with your load shape can mean significant savings. We are electricity supply experts. Here are some of the electricity products we offer our customers.

Fixed-Rate Electricity Contracts

A perfect product for those looking for budget certainty.


We aid our clients in finding the lowest fixed rates available in the market. When locking into a fixed-rate energy contract you should consider term length and execution date. Contact us to explore your options.

  • Fixed $ / kWh for term of agreement

  • Hedge utility costs for up to 5 years

  • In the money when market is high

Index-rate contracts, when structured properly, can serve a great purpose. We have the expertise to negotiate index structures that are transparent and truly market-following. Contact us to explore your options.

  • Market-based $ / kWh 

  • Take advantage of bear market

  • In the money when market is low

Market-Based Power Contracts

A product for those businesses seeking more flexibility.


Block + Index Electricity Products

Ideal for those seeking the best of both worlds.


Typically used by larger users of electricity, a block + index structure allows you to hedge quantities of electricity consumption in the futures market while floating the remainder of your load on the open, index market.

  • “Block” or lock specific volumes

  • Float open index market during “unblocked” times

  • In the money when market is stable

A load-following product is perfect for larger energy users who have unpredictable usage patterns. For example, a manufacturing facility that has inconsistent run times can benefit from a load-following product.

  • “Block” or lock certain percentages of load

  • Float the open market for “unblocked” percentage

  • In the money when market is volatile

Load-Following Block + Index

A perfect fit for those with unpredictable usage.

We are trusted by some of the nation’s leading brands:

A Powerful Process.

1. Submit Your Bill

Submit a copy of a recent electric invoice.

2. We Perform Analysis

We will pull your historical usage and conduct an analysis.

3. Savings Analysis

We will present you with a detailed savings analysis.

4. Contract & Save

Execute a supply agreement and start saving!

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