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Understanding Electric Load Factor

Understanding Load Factor is critical to your success as an energy broker. Load Factor affects supplier pricing, margins, and customer costs. In this article you will learn how Load Factor applied to your energy broker business.

December 1, 2021|

Earn Additional Revenue by Cross-Selling Energy

Do you run a business with a commercial client-base? Cross-selling energy solutions to your customers can make you look like a hero and allow you to earn monthly, recurring revenue for your business. Find out why so many are partnering with Diversegy below...

October 13, 2021|

Upfront Payments on Energy Commissions

Getting your energy commissions paid upfront is critical to your success as an energy broker for many reasons. First, you need money to keep growing. Waiting on residuals is tiresome. Second, getting paid upfront helps ensure accuracy in your pay statements. Learn more about our program below...

October 13, 2021|

10x Your Energy Income

Diversegy's energy broker sales platform allows energy sales agents, teams, and brokers the ability to earn higher margins, more recurring revenue, and get paid upfront! Find out why many are joining Diversegy as energy sales partners.

October 13, 2021|

Energy Tech Makes The Difference

Having the right technology tools can make a world of difference when you're selling electricity or natural gas. Tools such as matrix pricing sorting, custom quote management, and upfront commission management can mean the difference between failure and success.

October 13, 2021|

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