Electricity Sales

Negotiating Energy Supply Contracts

When you are looking to find the best energy supply rates for your business, negotiating with energy suppliers is everything. This article outlines the best practices for negotiating with suppliers to get the best deals.

February 2, 2023|

3 Sales Techniques To Successfully Sell Energy Contracts

If you want to be a successful energy broker or commercial energy sales agent, you must understand the fundamentals of selling an energy contract. In this article, we outline the skills you need to succeed in the retail energy commercial sector.

November 28, 2022|

Energy Brokers vs Energy Traders: What’s the Difference

There are several key differences between energy brokers and energy traders. Although both of these energy professionals operate in deregulated energy markets, their functions are quite unique. Learn about the differences between energy brokers and traders.

November 28, 2022|

The Pros of Being a Commercial Energy Broker

In this article, we discuss the advantages of being a commercial energy broker, career paths, and typical income potential for energy brokers. Read more below to learn about energy broker career opportunities.

September 22, 2022|

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