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Choosing Retail Energy Suppliers: Supplier Reputation vs. Lowest Price

If you've signed up for the lowest energy rate in the past just to be burned by your retail energy supplier, this article is for you. As a professional energy brokerage firm with decades of energy market experience, we warn consumers against simply chasing the lowest price. Energy supplier reputation is just as important! Read on to learn more.

July 17, 2023|

Long Term vs. Short Term Energy Contracts

If you're not sure how long to fix your energy rate, this article is for you. Below we outline the key drivers of energy prices and when locking in for a long or short term energy contract makes more sense.

June 9, 2023|

Locking In Energy Rates: Should I Fix Or Float?

Are you thinking about locking in a fixed rate for electricity or natural gas for your business? This article aims to outline the key differences between fixed energy rates and floating rates, and how to take advantage of a fixed rate offer.

June 9, 2023|

Understanding Material Change On Energy Contracts

Material changes in energy contracts could mean more expensive energy bills for your business. This article outlines the key aspects of a material change and what you need to do to avoid overpaying on your utility bills.

April 9, 2023|

How To Shop For Electricity And Gas Plans

Whether you are a commercial or residential customer, shopping for energy plans is a great way to reduce your monthly energy expenses. Use this guide to learn the tips and tricks to use when shopping for electricity and natural gas plans.

April 9, 2023|

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