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Diversegy, a growing commercial energy brokerage and advisory service and division of Genie Energy Ltd. (NYSE: GNE; GNEPRA), today announced that it is preparing to launch a full-service energy sales platform to support the business goals of its sales partners as they work to provide low-cost energy to their commercial customers. This announcement places Diversegy in the running with some of the nation’s other leading energy broker sales platforms.

About Diversegy.

Diversegy, LLC., is a leading retail energy brokerage and advisory services company. Serving thousands of customers across deregulated U.S. markets, Diversegy acts as both a direct client advisor and a broker exchange platform. With over 60 energy supplier relationships, Diversegy is positioned to help agents identify and tailor opportunities to meet the energy supply needs of their commercial customers. Diversegy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of publicly traded Genie Energy (NYSE: GNE; GNEPRA).

What is an Energy Broker Sales Platform?

Great question! If you live in a state that has deregulated its electricity or natural gas utilities, you are probably familiar that you can choose a competitive energy supplier as an alternative to your local utility company.

Since the inception of energy deregulation in the United States, energy brokers have played a vital role in the supply chain by helping customers negotiate the purchase of energy supply in the deregulated, free-trading markets.

Energy brokers act as liaisons between competitive energy suppliers and end users. Brokers add value to their customers by collecting multiple supplier quotes, negotiating favorable prices and terms, and by facilitating the customer’s new service with an energy supplier.

With the onset of technology in the retail energy markets, several energy brokerage and software companies have developed energy broker sales platforms that allow energy brokers and energy salespeople a seamless way to serve their customers, obtain price quotes, and earn commissions.

Typically, an energy broker sales platform will offer the following to its brokers and sales people:

  • The ability to price their customers with many suppliers

  • Visibility into customer contract and usage data

  • A transparent way to track commissions from energy customers

Who Would Use an Energy Broker Sales Platform?

There are several “types” of energy market participants who might use an energy broker sales platform.

First, energy sales agents can find value in an energy sales platform for several reasons. An energy sales platform instantly gives energy agents access to new markets, suppliers, and prices. Also, a sales platform can allow an energy agent to focus on sales rather than having to spend hours on mindless paperwork.

Next, direct energy sales teams can benefit from a broker platform by gaining access to multiple supplier offerings. Typically, direct sales teams are forced to sell exclusively for a single energy supplier with limited price options for customers. A broker platform transforms the direct sales company overnight and allows it to act as a true consultant and energy broker.

Finally, licensed energy brokers can scale their brokerages by using a sales platform. Here are the top ways a licensed broker can benefit from Diversegy’s full-service program:

  • Access to suppliers: As it becomes increasingly difficult for brokers to forge and maintain supplier relationships in a consolidating market, Diversegy offers licensed brokers access to all of the nation’s leading energy suppliers.

  • Cash flow: Getting paid residually from energy suppliers makes it difficult to attract new sales talent and grow your brokerage business. Diversegy’s program offers upfront commission payments to brokers so they can effectively scale.

  • Technology and support: Instead of having to add fixed-cost administrative employees to support your sales team, you can easily scale through a variable-cost model by partnering with Diversegy. Our technology and support allow you to eliminate administrative tasks so you can grow.

Why Would Other Brokers Participate?

We agree. It is hard for us to wrap our heads around the fact that our competitors choose to partner with us.

With all kidding aside, we offer our broker partners rational, logical benefits to their business models. By simply paying a small percentage of commission to us, we handle your entire back office operations allowing you to scale your business with ease. In addition, we offer our broker partners instant access to the nation’s top suppliers, all deregulated markets, and upfront cash so you can grow.

What is the Value to Energy Sales Agents?

Energy sales agents need stability and transparency in the broker with whom they choose to partner. Many traditional brokers lack the financial strength and support structure to help you build your energy career and achieve your goals. We offer our energy sales agents many benefits including:

  • On-time, accurate commissions

  • Upfront commission payments

  • Financially secure

  • World-class support team

  • Robust pricing technology

  • Access to all deregulated markets

  • Pricing from 60+ suppliers

Other Energy Brokers

  • Late commissions with errors

  • Slow monthly residuals

  • Long term instability

  • Lack of energy knowledge

  • Manual pricing desk

  • Limited market access

  • Limited supplier access

What is the Value to a Direct Sales Organization?

Using Diversegy’s energy broker sales platform is transformational for direct sales organizations who are used to selling for a single energy supplier. Some of the benefits we deliver to energy sales organizations include the following:

  • Sell for multiple suppliers: Unlike traditional direct energy sales that restrict you to a single supplier, Diversegy’s platform will grant you instant access to 60+ energy suppliers so you can offer various products and prices to your customers.

  • Get paid on usage: Instead of being paid a one-time commission for selling a new customer, Diversegy’s platform allows direct sales organizations the ability to get paid on the customer’s energy usage for the lifetime of their contract. This provides sales teams with the ability to build a recurring revenue stream.

  • Own the customer relationship: Instead of being restricted from contacting your customers after the sale, we allow direct sales teams the ability to build a customer base and maintain that base into the future. Diversegy’s sales program allows you to build a true energy business.

What are the Key Benefits of the Program?

Diversegy’s full-serve sales platform offers agents, teams, brokers, and customers many benefits. Our program is a commitment and investment into the future of the competitive retail energy industry. Here are some of the key benefits of our platform:

What Value Does the Program Deliver to Customers?

Diversegy’s new platform empowers sales agents and energy brokers to develop, evaluate and quote low-cost energy supply options for commercial customers. Due to the efficiency that our new technology brings to a transaction, energy customers will benefit by paying lower prices and saving money on their utility bills. For more information on becoming a Diversgy customer, please contact us.

How Will Diversegy Differentiate Itself in the Competitive Energy Landscape?

Diversegy, with the backing of its parent company Genie Energy, plans to differentiate its new platform in the marketplace in three unique and distinct ways:

  • World-class support: Because of our organization’s experience and deep understanding of the energy markets, we are able to deliver our sales partners and customers first-in-class energy advisory and market intelligence.

  • Transparent commissions: Unfortunately, one of the challenges many energy sales agents, teams, and brokers face is a lack of transparency in commission reporting and payments. Through our technology, we are able to deliver on-time, accurate commission payments to our partners.

  • Financial security: Through the backing of our parent company, publicly traded Genie Energy, we offer financial security to our sales partners and customers. Our partners do not have to lose sleep worrying about commission payments or financial stability.

What Plans Does Diversegy Have for the Future?

Diversegy plans to launch its energy broker sales platform on Tuesday, October 5, 2021 when it will host a webinar to unveil the platform’s powerful features and functionalities.  For more information, contact Diversegy at [email protected], call 201-374-9641, or visit

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