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Power-To-Gas: Bridging Renewable Energy And Gas Fuels

May 17, 2024|0 Comments

Power-to-Gas (PtG) conversion technology represents a groundbreaking approach to energy storage and management, addressing the growing need for sustainable solutions in the renewable energy sector. Find out more about the cutting-edge energy technology in our latest article.

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Fully Bundled Electric Rate Premiums

April 12, 2024|0 Comments

This article examines fixed electricity rates, focusing on their components and the risk premium electric suppliers charge to offer these stable pricing structures. It explains how fixed rates are calculated, the factors influencing their pricing, and the implications of the risk premium for both suppliers and consumers.

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Natural Gas Basis Cost vs. NYMEX: Everything You Need To Know

April 12, 2024|0 Comments

This article explores the distinctions between the NYMEX natural gas futures market and natural gas basis markets, shedding light on their unique roles in the energy sector. It delves into how each market functions and their impact on pricing and trading strategies within the natural gas industry.

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