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What is an energy sales platform?2022-03-04T16:41:40-05:00

For many years, energy brokers and sales professionals were forced to transact business manually. They called and emailed suppliers for price quotes, manually reconciled commission statements, and had to work diligently to keep up with sales administrative paperwork. Diversegy’s energy sales platform solves these problems for energy sales professionals through technology and efficiency. We provide energy professionals the tools to streamline their businesses, eliminate paperwork, get paid upfront, and obtain price quotes on the fly so they can scale their businesses.

What are the key features of your energy sales platform?2022-03-04T16:41:48-05:00

While our full-service energy sales platform has many attractive features, we believe the following are the key highlights of the program:

  • Supplier relationships: We provide our partners with instant access to the nation’s leading energy suppliers.
  • Upfront commissions: Our partners benefit from getting paid quickly and upfront on their energy deals.
  • Transparency: Through our software, we provide full transparency on pricing, margins, customer usage, and commissions.
  • Access to markets: We offer our partners instant access to start selling all deregulated markets.
What types of energy professionals are supported on your platform?2022-03-04T16:41:57-05:00

We work with a number of energy sales professionals, including sales agents, sales teams, part-time affiliates, and other licensed energy brokers. Diversegy’s full-service energy sales platform provides value to each of these groups in a unique way.

I am an energy sales agent. Why should I consider Diversegy?2022-03-04T16:42:07-05:00

Diversegy is a nationally licensed and recognized broker of electricity and natural gas. With decades of experience, our management team can provide you with the support you need to grow your book of business. Click here to see the benefits we offer to professional sales agents.

Are there any fees to switch to a supplier?2022-03-04T16:42:15-05:00

No. Switching to an energy supplier is free of any hidden fees. Both the supplier and Diversegy earn income from the profits related to the sale of the energy, but we do not charge any additional fees to our customers.

Will my relationship with my utility company become damaged if I switch?2022-03-04T16:42:24-05:00

No. Everything will remain the same. Utility companies are bound by law to provide equal service to all of their customers regardless of a cutomer’s electricity or natural gas supply.

What is the process to sign up for a new supplier?2022-03-04T16:46:30-05:00

Choosing a new energy supplier for your business should follow a well-thought plan. At Diversegy, we have decades of experience guiding our customers in choosing the best energy suppliers and rates for their businesses. Picking a supplier typically follows a process like this…

  • Submit a copy of your utility bill(s) to us
  • Give us permission to shop for supplier rates on your behalf
  • We will negotiate with over 60 energy suppliers to find you the best price
  • We will present those price options to you
  • When you’re ready to sign, we will negotiate and prepare your contract with the supplier
What is the difference between my local utility, a supplier, and Diversegy?2022-03-04T16:46:49-05:00

Great question! Your local utility company is responsible for delivering energy (electricity and/or natural gas) to your business. In many states, they are also responsible for billing and supplying you with energy if you choose not to contract with a supplier.

A supplier is an alternative option to your utility company from whom you can purchase electricity and/or natural gas supply in an effort to save money. Diversegy is a nationally recognized broker of energy and helps its customers find the lowest cost energy suppliers.

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