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Upfront energy sales commissions allow you to scale your energy broker business.

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Partnering with the Right Broker Makes All the Difference.

Interested in becoming an energy broker? Maybe you want to advance your current energy broker career? Waiting for slow residual payments can take months, or even years, depending on your customers’ contract start dates. This slow cash flow can prevent you from making a full time commitment, hiring sub-agents, or investing in marketing. We provide our sales partners with upfront commission payments so they can grow. Learn more below…

How upfront commissions work.2022-03-04T16:38:47-05:00

Energy sales professionals are paid on their customers’ energy usage over a contract period. Those contracts can range anywhere from 6 months to 60 months and total commissions are calculated based on contract margins. We offer our sales partners upfront commission payments that act as an advance on future energy commissions earned. Some of these upfront commissions are paid annually for each year of the contract, and others are based on a percentage of the total contract value.

Each sales partner has different business requirements and needs. We pride ourselves on working with our sales partners to meet their needs and to help them grow.

Upfront payment turnaround time.2022-03-04T16:39:41-05:00

Depending on your experience and existing book of customers, we offer various arrangements when it comes to upfront commission payment terms. Some of our sales partners enjoy weekly payments where they are paid on all business booked in the previous week. Other sales partners earn upfront commissions monthly based on sales for the calendar month. Each situation is different and we will work with you to help you grow your energy broker business.

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Upfront Payments
So You Can Grow.



Fast, Upfront

Most energy brokers and suppliers pay sales commissions on a monthly residual basis. We offer our sales partners upfront commission payments based on the customer contract value. We also pay our partners quickly after they close a deal, so they do not have to wait for their pay.

Don’t Wait For Flow

Get Paid On
Deal Submission.

If you have been in the energy broker space for some time, you understand that most energy sales commissions are paid after the deal starts to flow. At Diversegy, we offer our sales partners upfront commission payments based on contract signature and submission. This gives you the freedom to earn a sizable income as you work, and eliminates the need to track future commission payments based on contract start dates.


Cash Flow

Upfront Payments
Help You Grow.

In business, cash is king, and cash flow can make or break your career as an energy broker. It is difficult to keep selling when you are waiting to get paid so you can fuel up your car or purchase marketing material. The upfront commission payments we offer our sales partners allow them to increase cash flow and effectively grow their businesses.

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