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Terminating Your Business Energy Contract

Stuck in an energy contract that you want out of? Breaking your energy contract early might come with hefty penalties. Here's what you need to know about terminating your business energy contract.

May 4, 2023|

Understanding Material Change On Energy Contracts

Material changes in energy contracts could mean more expensive energy bills for your business. This article outlines the key aspects of a material change and what you need to do to avoid overpaying on your utility bills.

April 9, 2023|

How To Shop For Electricity And Gas Plans

Whether you are a commercial or residential customer, shopping for energy plans is a great way to reduce your monthly energy expenses. Use this guide to learn the tips and tricks to use when shopping for electricity and natural gas plans.

April 9, 2023|

How To Better Manage Your Energy Demand Charges

Saving money on your electricity bill is more than just finding a lower rate from an energy supplier. For commercial customers, energy demand charges account for a large portion of your total costs. This article outlines different ways to control energy demand and reduce energy demand expenses.

April 9, 2023|

Everything You Need To Know About Blend And Extend Energy Contracts

You might have heard the term "blend and extend energy contracts" thrown around by your energy broker or supplier. This article aims to outline the details of a blend and extend arrangement and how it can benefit your business when energy market prices drop in the middle of your fixed-rate contract.

April 9, 2023|

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