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How To Properly Submit An Energy Price Request

In order to get the best energy prices for their customers, energy brokers obtain price quotes from multiple retail energy suppliers. In this article, we outline the proper way to submit a pricing request to your broker so you can get the lowest rates in a timely fashion.

March 29, 2022|

Properly Submitting a Signed Contract

As a professional energy broker, it is critical to understand how to properly submit a signed energy supply agreement to your broker so that it can be processed immediately. Since all energy pricing a volatile and based on that trading day's quote, it is imperative to book the contract before the end of the business day so the price doesn't change. In this article, we discuss how to properly submit a signed contract.

March 17, 2022|

Using Energy Market Knowledge To Close More Sales

The electricity and natural gas markets are financial markets that trade like stocks. In fact, these commodities have spot markets, futures markets, and all sorts of financial derivatives. The energy markets can be quite volatile, especially during times of extreme weather. In this article, we show you how to use market data to better inform your customers to make decisions.

March 15, 2022|

Commercial Energy Sales: How To Manage Your Leads

Managing your energy broker sales leads is a key skill to learn in order to have success in the retail energy sector. In this article, we will discuss the top lead management strategies utilized by Diversegy's sales professionals.

January 18, 2022|

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