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As an energy broker sales professional it is critical to be thorough and detailed in all of your work. Since commodity prices are volatile, submitting signed customer contracts on the same day they are signed is vital to ensuring the price get booked for the customer.

Required Information.

First things first, there are certain items your energy broker will require from you when submitting a newly signed contract. Let’s discuss each item in detail below. Be sure to check with your energy broker to see what other items they might require for new contracts.

A Recent and Complete Bill Copy

If you are submitting a matrix contract, it is critically important that you also include a complete bill copy from the customer along with the signed contract. Remember, matrix prices are set by suppliers blindly for brokers to utilize and the suppliers have no prior knowledge about your customer. Matrix contracts that are submitted without bill copies will be rejected. If you are submitting a custom contract, chances are your broker and the supplier already have the customer’s bill copy when you requested the quote. In this case, the bill copy might not be necessary but it is always good to get in the habit of submitting bills with a signed contract.

Remember: be sure to submit a recent and complete bill copy for each utility account number on the signed contract.

The Signed Contract

Yes, we know this sounds like a no-brainer, but remember to submit a copy of the signed contract when booking your new deal. If you are emailing a copy of the contract to your broker, be sure that the scanned copy of the contract is legible and not blurry. It is also important to note that all pages of the contract should be included in a single attachment. Many times, energy sales professionals think only the signature pages are required. This just makes things tougher on your broker since he will have to re-scan your contract with the missing pages before submitting it to the supplier. Try your best to make things easy on your broker. Remember, they are dealing with many other transactions besides yours! If you are submitting the contract via DocuSign or another electronic signature software, be sure to include the audit log page.

Remember: always include all contract pages in a single pdf scan. Do not attach each contract page as an individual attachment. If you need help learning how to do this, please contact us here.

Contract Details

Another pro tip to get into good graces with your broker is to include the pertinent details of your signed contract in the body of your email. Your broker might have an online submission process or form that requires this data. If they do not, it is always best to include something like this in your email. You can easily copy and paste a chart from an Excel file or Google Sheet into the body of your email. Some email clients even allow you to build tables in the email draft.

Customer Name
Submission Date
Utility Rate Class
Start Date
End Date
Term (# of months)
Broker Margin
Customer Price w/ Tax
Matrix Price / Custom Price
Annual Usage
Special Notes

Why Submitting Contracts Properly
Is Vitally Important To Your Success.

Electricity and natural gas commodity markets can be extremely volatile. In fact, most suppliers change their matrix pricing on a daily basis to reflect the ebbs and flows of the market. When you present an energy quote or contract to a customer and the customer agrees to the price, it is important to get the contract booked with your energy broker immediately after the customer signs for the following reasons:

  • Ensures that the contract price gets locked in
  • Secures your broker margin or fee
  • Gives you time to make corrections if needed

Furthermore, in order to ensure that your contract gets processed properly, it is important to follow the instructions above when submitting your customer’s newly signed energy supply agreement. Please do not leave out any details or you could run the risk of having your contract rejected. Remember, most energy suppliers require that contracts get properly submitted and booked by 4 PM each day in order to guarantee that day’s pricing. If you do not properly submit your contract and it gets rejected, you will need to resubmit and might be subject to the following day’s pricing.

Keeping Records.

Advanced energy brokers use CRM tools to stay organized and keep records of their customers. In fact, if you are a seasoned energy broker, your customers might rely on you to keep their utility accounts and contracts organized on their behalf. It is always encouraged that you have some sort of filing system where you can store copies of contracts, invoices, LOA’s and LOE’s. A good old-fashioned paper filing system could work; however, modern energy brokers are turning to cloud-based technologies such as Google Drive and DropBox to store their files.

If you are a Diversegy sales partner, our energy broker platform will store all of your customers’ contract details and files automatically. This is one of the many benefits our sales partners enjoy.

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