The Right Marketing Materials.

First, it is important to understand that energy broker marketing materials are not one-size-fits-all. What is right for the small business owner might not be right for the large corporation and vice versa. Here are the top 5 things you need to know about what to leave behind with your energy broker prospects…

1. Know Your Customer

It is important to know what will grab your prospects’ attention based on who they are. Small business owners are busy wearing multiple hats, so long, in-depth materials might get thrown in the trash. Try to present your value in a short and simple manner. Things like trifold brochures and rack cards are ideal.

Large corporations, on the other hand, need to know that you are working for a reputable broker in order to win their business. Professional folders with detailed information on your brokerage and client case studies are critical to playing with the big boys.

2. Calculate The Cost

Next, it’s also important to know your costs. It can be very expensive to print professional folders with inserts, so handing them out to customers with little potential value is a mistake.

Pro Tip: Save your expensive marketing materials for customers who have more dollar potential, and stick to the cost-effective materials for your mass-market customers and prospects.

3. Always a Business Card

If you decide not to lend out marketing materials to prospects, you must always carry a business card. A good calling card is critical so that prospects have your contact information for the future. Although a small percentage of prospects will actually call you, it’s important that they have your information handy in case they want to.

Pro Tip: Align yourself with an energy broker who might be willing to stake you for some business cards. Good brokers are willing to support their salespeople and their efforts, so this should be no problem as long as you are bringing in new business consistently.

4. Be Professional

No matter what marketing materials you decide to create, print, and leave behind, it is paramount that they are professional-looking and first class. Most brokers will have brand guidelines that you must adhere to when printing any marketing materials.

The better brokerage companies will even have specific materials that are approved for use in the marketplace. It is better to leave nothing with your prospect than to leave something unprofessional.

5. Digital Materials

As the world turns, the digital landscape is growing exponentially. In fact, since the pandemic in 2020, many businesses are used to transacting virtually. Having a good digital presence means more now than ever before. Using the tips above, try to have a consistent social media presence (especially on LinkedIn), put together regular email newsletters, and even try creating a YouTube channel or blog with tips and advice for customers.

Need Help With Marketing Efforts?

If you are struggling with marketing, do not fret. Many of the best salespeople do not have the marketing gene. Diversegy supports its sales partners both operationally and from a marketing perspective. Some of the marketing benefits we offer our sales partners include:

Sophisticated Brand

We have worked hard to develop a reputable and sophisticated brand in the retail energy industry. Both suppliers and customers recognize Diversegy as a leading organization in the space and we have the marketing material to support our brand. From our website to our print materials, our sales partners enjoy a unified brand that speaks credibility to their prospects and customers.

World-Class Support

We can also support our sales partners in their marketing efforts. Our team of energy support staff can help you craft engaging social media posts, and email marketing campaigns that convert, and we can even lend advice on how to stay in front of your prospects efficiently.

Need More Support?

Our team of energy professionals is standing by waiting for your call. We are actively looking to partner with reputable energy brokers, agents, and those looking to break into the retail energy space.

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