Retail Energy Contracts.

Retail Energy Contracts

A retail energy contract is an agreement between a retail energy supplier and the end-user customer. Retail energy contracts typically have a term length and outline the conditions of the electricity or natural gas supply agreement. Many times, an energy broker will help a customer negotiate the terms of his contract with a supplier. Here are some of the major components of a retail energy supply contract/agreement.


Each retail energy supply contract has a term length. For fixed-rate contracts, this is very important as the fixed price will remain constant for the contract term. Most contracts have a start date, end date, and language-related to post-term circumstances.


All retail energy contracts outline a price for electricity and natural gas and the various cost components included in the price. Fixed-rate contracts are fairly standard and define the components included in the fixed price for energy. Hybrid products, such as block + index, can be more complex.


All retail energy contracts outline the utility accounts, owned by the customer, which the supplier will serve under the terms of the agreement. These utility accounts are listed in detail with accompanying service addresses so there is no confusion.

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