Increasing Your Income In The Energy Broker Business.

The energy broker space is competitive and challenging for most energy sales people. Selling energy is a difficult challenge in itself and competing with other top brokerage companies can add fuel to the fire. Aligning yourself with a reputable broker with a track record for success is paramount in having a successful energy sales career. Diversegy, a wholly-owned subsidiary of publicly-traded Genie Energy, provides a winning formula for energy sales people, agents, and teams. Here are 5 reasons why energy sales reps earn more with Diversegy…

1.) Diversegy’s Energy Expertise.

One of the most overlooked aspects in the energy business is market knowledge. Energy markets are complex, unsophisticated, and confusing to most. And, pricing an electricity or natural gas deal can be challenging when you do not have the right resources in your corner. Many energy sales people simply look for brokers who will pay them the highest percentage of commission; however, they quite often overlook this aspect of the business.

Having a team of energy experts supporting your sales efforts could mean the difference between winning and losing a new customer. For example, Diversegy’s support team has over 100 years of combined energy market experience that allows them to properly structure energy contracts to maximize profits and retain customers. Having a pricing analyst in your corner who understands the nuances of your local utility market could many times mean extra margin on a deal that translates into more commission for you.

2.) Diversegy’s Commission Plans.

Diversegy offers one of the most aggressive compensation plans in the energy broker sector. Not only does Diversegy offer its sales partners, agents, brokers, and teams some of the highest commission splits, they also are willing to advance commission payments to improve your cash flow. Building your book of energy customers becomes much easier when you have money to invest in travel, meals, and entertainment with customers. Diversegy’s sales people are at an advantage in the marketplace due to the nature of Diversegy’s upfront commission plans.

3.) Renewals.

Renewing your customers during favorable market conditions is the key to having a profitable book of energy customers. Most brokers do not give their agents and sales people the market insights and intelligence needed to renew customers at ideal times in order to maintain and increase margins. Salespeople in this scenarios are left at the mercy of the market and simply renew customer contracts when they come due. During certain volatile times, this strategy can cause you to lose half of your income or more to negative market swings.

Diversegy’s expert team of market analysts are continually looking at future prices for opportunities to renew customers at better prices and higher broker margins. This continual watch over your book not only allows you to retain your customers better, but it allows you to increase your income over time. This alone is the key benefit to working with Diversegy.

4.) Retention.

Diversegy’s support system helps promote the renewal of your customer contracts. As a sales person who is continually brining on new customers, there comes a time when managing renewals is challenging. There is a constant balance between bringing on new customers and renewing old customers. Diversegy’s technology platform makes it simple to manage customer renewals, and their admin team helps support your customer retention efforts. Diversegy’s sales people earn more over the lifetime of their energy careers simple due to a high retention rate of customers.

5.) Other Energy Solutions.

Unlike many traditional energy brokers who simple offer electricity and natural gas supply solutions, Diversegy is a holistic energy advisory firm offering an array of energy solutions. In addition to traditional energy procurement, Diversegy sales agents have the ability to cross sell other solutions like demand response, LED lighting, and solar energy. These additional energy products allow Diversegy sales people to earn more per customer when compared to other energy brokers and agents.

  • On-time, accurate commissions

  • Upfront commission payments

  • Financially secure

  • World-class support team

  • Robust pricing technology

  • Access to all deregulated markets

  • Pricing from 60+ suppliers

Other Energy Brokers

  • Late commissions with errors

  • Slow monthly residuals

  • Long term instability

  • Lack of energy knowledge

  • Manual pricing desk

  • Limited market access

  • Limited supplier access

What are the Key Benefits of the Program?

Diversegy’s full-serve sales platform offers agents, teams, brokers, and customers many benefits. Our program is a commitment and investment into the future of the competitive retail energy industry. Here are some of the key benefits of our platform:

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